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Braunwald, Switzerland

Braunwald, Switzerland

Finally, This Blog is Back to Online!

After going abroad to Oregon, USA to study at Oregon State University last year, its hard to believe that I had left my lovely blog (dear, please forgive me!). After then, I was back to Indonesia to finish my study at University of Brawijaya and finally got a job in my previous university as lecturer. Since that time, so many thing happened.

I’ll for sure write all my journey and experience in this blog, just stay tune my friends. Here is my little things to share with you guys:

  1. Next Year, I will become Indonesian delegate in One Young World, London – England 2010
  2. This Year, I become indonesian delegate in youth Encounter on Sustainability, Switzerland 2009
  3. This Year, I become Indonesian delegate in ASEAN + 3 leadership Executive Programme, Singapore 2009
  4. Last Year, I was study in Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon – USA by IELSP Scholarship, USA 2008
  5. Now, I am University of Brawijaya Lecturer in Computer Science dept.  and be extraordinary lecturer in Faculty of Social Sciences for International Relationship and Communication Science.
  6. And Thanks Godness I’ve got many Awards from Ministry of Higher Education (DIKTI – Mendiknas), Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenegpora), Ministry of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) and Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK).
  7. I also trusted to become Leader in several grass root organization called ISHARP, IYCCAC and National Organization called RITECH (Research Innovation and Technology) branch Malang from Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK)
  8. Thanks God, I’ve got grant for research from Ministry of Higher Education (DIKTI – Mendiknas) and Ministry of Communication and Information (Depkominfo).
  9. And I just began to realize my dream to travel around the world (It is now 3 continents : America, Asia, Europe for more than 33 cities I visited -detailed on my facebook).

Before it, let me appraise and greet you all :

Nice to meet you guys
this is my motto: You can, if You think that You can!
Keep inspire and shining!

Keep Spirit, keep Learning, Keep Posting, Keep Sharing!!



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I know you are good or even fabulous student who looking scholarship. You’re looking scholarship to support your life or something else. Whatever reason you have, you should consider about your future. So many kinds of scholarship have their own style. Some of them can be double edge for your future. If I classify type of scholarship, I can get (some of them) : bonding scholarship, aid for economic scholarship, academic achivement scholarship, award (one-time grand), grand from the other government, etc.

Bonding scholarship:

The reason why be named like that is your obligation to work for the company for several years. This advantage of this scholarship is that the money you get is high / large amount. They will give you a lot of facility, such as book, or even, notebook (laptop)??. The bad news is you must work for this company for several years (about 3 years).But, if you think that you will already have company (great company) after you graduate from university / collage is the best chosen, I suggest yout to take this scholarship. Don’t forget, there are entrace test in this scholarship. For example : Lippo scholarship, etc.

Aid for economic scholarship:

If you don’t have money but have good academic achivement, you should be consedering this. This is the easiest scholarship that you can get. The requirements you need are declare your need economy aid, good GPA, etc. For example : GE scholarship, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Academic achivement

If you are fabulous or great student, you must know it is the best scholarship for you. This scholarship is granding if you have great academic or non-academic achivement. This scholarship is like reward for your great struggle. There are no-bonding for this scholarship. For example : Some Sampoerna included in this category, PBUB, ect Award This is one-time money grand. If you win a competition, you get reward or award and trophy.

Grand from the other government

This is gift to study abroad.The other government need you skill, ability, or something else to support them. Maybe you can tell the story, sell their product, etc. For this scholarship, you need a great ability in English or their native language. I suggest you have at least 500 TOELF or 550 for better. The knowelege of their country often needed in interview section. For example : German exchange student, Japan, etc. As you know, some scholarship requires that you must only take that scholarship, for example Sampoerna. That the reason why I said this is double edge is you can’t take another schoalrship after you sign the contract. So be sure before you take scholarship. I hope this essay will broaden your knowelge about taking scholarship.

Alex Gunawan
Physic Engineering 2005 Intake

taken from: link

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 amrik.jpg head1.gif



English Language Study Program

(Batch – IV)

A scholarship program offered to undergraduate students in any university in
Indonesia (the 3rd year-above) to join an eight-week intensive English language courses at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Applicants must:

  • be 19-24 years of age
  • be an undergraduate student at least on the fifth semester (3rd year) in any field of study from any university in Indonesia (NOT GRADUATE YET)
  • be proficient in English with a minimum TOEFL®ITP score of 470 (NOT A PREDICTION TEST)
  • be committed in returning to their home universities immediately after the program
  • indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States
  • have a sustained high level of academic achievement
  • have had no prior study in the United States or elsewhere outside of Indonesia
  • be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful and inquisitive
  • be willing and able to full participate in an intensive academic program



APRIL 1, 2008




To learn more about the program, please contact IIEF at

Menara Imperium 28th Floor Suite B

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Jakarta

Tel. 62-21-8317330, Fax. 62-21-8317331



download document :

1. Faq download di : sch28_87_faq_batch-4.doc

2. Form download di : sch28_78_ielsp-application-form_batch4.doc

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